Re: F&C polycarbonate, was Re: Phospher Bronze Wire

Tim O'Connor

There do appear to be some brands of polyester/polyurethane/polycarbonate
resin blends... but most of the applications seem to be for pretty durable
stuff. Polycarbonate after all is used for automobile brake lamp covers,
and other such things. But what the hey, if Steve says it's plastic that's
ok with me.

I used to question that myself, but I got a satisfactory answer from Funaro
when I quizzed him at a train show. I had already researched it some before,
so I don't think he was blowing smoke. There is a type of polycarbonate that
is a thermoset like our urethane resins. The product is used to make
eyeglasses. Basically F&C's material is a blend of that polycarbonate and
urethane resins.

Jack Wyatt

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