Re: Ratios (also C&O coal in the midwest)


Virginian hoppers were extremely rare in this part of New
England. Armand Premo

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<<The absolute numbers would be smaller, of course, but Virginian did have
a respectable Midwest trade (only after the ICC forced them to, however).
Most of it was handled by NYC, and most of the remainder by C&O, so
Nickel Plate wouldn't have had much opportunity to be involved.

David Thompson>>

David, could you give more detail on your remark about the ICC?

I believe N&W has to be among those handling westbound VGN coal. From Mine
to Markets, page 338, mentions 26,060 carloads received by N&W at Gilbert
1948. That is over 70 per day - not an insignificant amount. As far as
single carloads, I don't think a steam era VGN hopper would be that
almost anywhere east of the Mississippi, though not quite as frequent as
might see an N&W or C&O single coal load.


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