Re: Reading 1937 AAR box cars?

Tim O'Connor

Craig Bossler's Reading Color Guide has a photo of RDG 113029 taken 11/16/69
on page 68.

Roof: Flat panel
Ends: 4/5 Dreadnaught square corner
Sides: 10 panel, single row rivet pattern consistent with 1937 AAR boxcar
Door: CRECo

These cars could be analogous to PRR Class X37 - railroad built cars sharing
dimensions and general features of the pre-war AAR boxcar but differing in
several significant details.

Ben Hom

I think it was CP that had some 1937 AAR cars with flat roofs, and some
others with 5/5 ends. If the Reading cars were basically stock AAR design
except for the roof and doors, it sounds like we need a Sunshine mini-kit
to model them!!

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