Re: Rock Island Aluminum Exp. Boxcars


Denny,Globe had a model of these cars also.Superior to Varney's
IMHO.Lettering was all black on the Globe car.Armand Premo

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The Rock Island purchased ten very handsome aluminum boxcars
(20060-69) for head end service from Mt. Vernon Car Company in 1945.
Varney produced an embossed foil-on-paper HO model of car #20069 in
1946 (B-37). In 1949, the same car and number was produced in stamped
steel (B-60).

In about 2002 Sunshine produced a fine urethane kit of the same model

Now, my question: the Varney models all show that the lettering of
both the ROCKETS ("Route of...") to the left of the door, and the
ROCK ISLAND badge to the right of the door were RED, while all other
lettering is black. Martin's decals show only that ALL lettering was
BLACK. The red makes a gorgeous combination with the aluminum and
black, but....which is correct?

A study of the B&W photos currently do not tell the story because the
orthochromatic film commonly used at that time make any red
(especially) difficult, if not impossible, to differentiate from any
other fully saturated darker color.

Gordon Varney had a reputation of doing pretty accurate sides because
they were produced usually directly from side elevation photographs
that for the most part he took himself. So for the moment, from that
perspective, I tend to trust Varney.

Any thoughts?


Denny S. Anspach, MD
Sacramento, CA

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