Re: AAR 1944 boxcars

Tim O'Connor

There's a photo on the Wheeler CD of an unusual SOO 50' box car. It appears
to have 10'6" IH, 4/5 Dreadnaught end with square corners, 5 panels on each
side of center hung double doors. Any idea how popular this design was? Really
neat car, I would like to kitbash one sometime.
Clark Propst
SOO series 175000-175498 built 1937 (even numbers only)

An unusual design unfortunately. Many of the 50 foot steel cars were
one-of-a-kind designs. The door opening was 12'6" and the car had a
10'1"IH (perhaps because of an interior rack?).

Red Caboose makes a 40 foot double door car that is good for SOO,
and no one else.

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