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RP Cyc #9 came today. Lots of info for Steam Era Freight Car fans. First
up is a 25 page article on B&O Wagon-Top Box Cars by Pat Wider (39 B&W
photos, 4 diagrams and a table). Next is an 18 page article on
Pullman-Standard Compartmentizers also by Pat Wider (38 B&W photos plus a
diagram and a table). Part 5 of the A.A.R. Twin Offset-Side Hoppers series
by Ed Hawkins contains coverage of Midwestern coal hauling roads with 33 B&W
hopper photos. There is also an addendum to the previous Express Reefer
article and an article on EMD F3 Phase IV diesels. Another great issue!

Brian Rochon
Silver Spring, MD

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