Re: Hauling Milled Flour in the 1940s

Tim O'Connor

Reference the following link for a postcard of the Scott County (Missouri)
Milling Company elevator and Mill "A" in Sikeston, MO:

The postcard notes that "6,000 barrels" are milled daily.
I'm having trouble quantifying a barrel of flour.

Thus, my unanswered questions:
(a) What size barrels?
(b) Any particular boxcars well suited for hauling flour c. 1943?

A flour barrel can holds 196 lbs of wheat flour. Wheat flour
weighs about 42 lbs/cubic foot, so that should tell you how
large the flour barrel is -- less than 5 cubic feet. An oil
barrel holds 42 gallons, which is just over 5 1/2 cubic feet.

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