Re: AC&F paint samples

Tim O'Connor

What a great idea Bruce! I wish you had printed extras. I would
happily pay $5 for a sheet of decal colors like that. Microscale
charges $2.50 and all you get is one color!

Another good choice would be a set of reefer color strips, from
pale yellow up thru "reefer" orange.

I pasted the scan into a WORD document, enlarged it to fit a page, ran
down to my local Speedy Print Shop and had them print it on their color
laser onto Micro Mark laser decal paper. They charged $2.15 and
required proof that the decal was for laser copiers (fortunately, I
kept the label). I now have an 8x10 sheet of reweigh paint swatches in
a variety of boxcar reds that I can "match" to a variety of different
body colors (match being a relative term, since a perfect match would
be kinda, well invisible...). BTW, the laser came out much lighter and
redder than my 4000 dpi photo ink jet...

Happy Rails

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