Re: Really Old ATSF "Wr H" Class Tank Car

Tim O'Connor

Jon, I think you are right that it was a Tk-H. All my photos
show that Santa Fe kept the car class number but changed the
first letter to a W. So flat cars went from Ft to Wt, tank cars
from Tk to Wk, and box cars from Bx to Wx. Santa Fe had some
really interesting work equipment. I have a fair number of
photos of them (from the 60's) thanks to my father's collection.

Jon Miller wrote

Not real good at spotting but it might be a Tk-J or Tk-H (page
181/182/183 of the work cars book). As the subject says Wr-H I'm guessing a
Tk-H. When they took it out of interchange (if it ever was) they just
changed the Tk to Wr.

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