Re: Detail website/book

Tim O'Connor

Here are my notes for John's articles on freight car ends:

MM 2/1987 pp.40-44 (John Nehrich) more bizarre ends
including VAN DORN/various FLAT ENDS/various types
of builtup ends/reverse DREADNAUGHT/early HUTCHINS

MM 12/1986 pp.67-71 John Nehrich study of MURPHY ends
of the 1910's and 1920's, concentrates on cavitated
or reverse ends on boxcars, gondolas, stockcars --
includes one photo of VERTICAL ribbed ends

MM 1/1986 pp.32-35 John Nehrich photo study of the
"reverse Murphy" style ends, including a gondola
and hopper. Photos NYC/NKP/MP/LV/RDG/CB&Q/AT&SF

MM 12/1985 pp.26-30 John Nehrich photo study with
Hutchins, Vulcan, and Murphy ends 1920's-1930's
-- notable photo of Vulcan end w/ vertical ribs

MM 5/1983 pp.42-47 John Nehrich article basically
about "dreadnaught" ends (from STANDARD RAILWAY
EQUIPMENT), photos, drawings of W-section corner
post, model photos, plus PS and Youngstown ends

Yeah, but John's work on this is somewhat crude and incomplete and AFAIK
isn't all available in one place, aside from the fact that it doesn't
include references to models and model parts. John could certainly do a
proper job of it if he wished, as could numerous subscribers to this list.
Maybe we should see whose arm we can twist at Naperville.

Richard H. Hendrickson
Ashland, Oregon 97520

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