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Bruce Smith <smithbf@...>

On Monday, October 13, 2003, at 03:57 PM, Tim O'Connor wrote:

What a great idea Bruce! I wish you had printed extras. I would
happily pay $5 for a sheet of decal colors like that. Microscale
charges $2.50 and all you get is one color!

Another good choice would be a set of reefer color strips, from
pale yellow up thru "reefer" orange.
And since I model a specific date, June 1944, a sheet of reweigh
stencils with dates from to 1-42 to 6-44 would be REAL handy. Micro
Mark does sell WHITE decal paper and I just ran a test that shows if
you take my WORD file and add white text over the AC&F colors that it
creates a color "hole" where the white shows through. I may need to
run off another sheet with my reweigh dates <VBG!>

BTW, Micro Mark sells both ink-jet and laser decal paper in both clear
and white.

Anyone have any suggestions on "font" and size? (I just noticed one
called "Stencil" on my new G5...)

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