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Is it too much to ask for an accurate color and correct
lettering? I hardly think that would cost very much.The other problems are,
for the most part, easy to fix..If Lee were to seek help there are many who
would be willing to provide it.Armand Premo

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Thank you Bill; and I suspect Lee English thanks you too! IMHO Bowser
does an excellent job at building
shake-the-box kits and has chosen PRR prototypes, much to our good
fortune. Since they are molded in
styrene and have the high up front cost, he must appeal to a mass market.
That precludes doing a
Westerfield caliber product. Since much of what he does are signature PRR
cars, he is constrained as to
what roads he can legitimately paint on the bodies. Notice that
Branchline has kept to widely used bodies
styles, and IM and RC don't seem to care, and will paint a car for

Despite all of theses hardships, Bowser has brought us X31s, X32s, GSs,
F30s, H21s, and numerous cabin
cars. These are far more than stand-ins. These are PRR prototypes. And
for those desiring better
detailed models, they are an excellent and inexpensive starting point.

I only wish Lee would consider the world of passenger cars. Seventh
heaven is populated with injection
molded MP54s ;-) - prototype "shorty" which, in its non motorized
version, could be legitimately
painted for at least 8 roads.


Andrew S. Miller

Bill Lane wrote:

Hi Guys,

Once again, what we have here is one person's early account of the
quality of a new Bowser project (N8), and everyone is already
It may very well be 100% correct. Yes there is always room for
on ANY model project. You HO guys are missing the point. Look at your
layouts or model stash and remove all the Bowser items from it. What do
have left? Almost nothing! At least they are coming out with new cars at
reasonable rate. They are American made from what I know about them. The
projects that Bowser has released have probably kept them in business.

Now for the question you all know is coming. Are all of the Bowser
you all love to complain about NOT better then NOTHING? I seriously
it. Bowser does not HAVE to do any of them!

As an S Scaler, I take every new piece released as a GIFT, because that
what it is. It is someone putting up $50,000.00+ and letting me play

Let Bowser release some of the PRR cars in S Scale. I may have some of
same concerns as you, buy will still buy the hell out of them because my
days of buying massive amounts of brass cars are about over.

Besides, if Bowser would release something in S Scale, they would
do a better job because S Scale is the perfect size for detail. (:->)

Sorry, but I had to do that!


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