Re: Casting stones

Tim O'Connor

Ben Hom wrote

But Garrett, I go back to my original question this morning - why is it so
hard to get something right the first time? Why does Kadee give me good
value for my money for a PS-1? Shouldn't Bowser offer the same quality for
a comparable price?

As Mr. Hendrickson has pointed out many times, you have to choose
your prototypes well. The PS-1 is an incredibly good choice -- one
of the most (if not THE most) popular design in box car history,
bought by the tens of thousands by six dozen or more railroads and
existing from 1950 to the 1990's.

And now they're doing the PS-2!! Another brilliant choice. If they
do the 3-bay as well they'll have to rent a semi truck just to haul
their money to the bank every day.

Compare that with the Gla, H21, F30a, X31, N5, K9, and so on. Bowser
is selling to a much narrower market (PRR modelers, and those of us
who need a few PRR models) than Kadee. Bowser also is trying to keep
the price as low as possible, and recoup their investment by keeping
down their R&D costs (like research into paint & lettering).

Kadee is a rich, very successful, international model company. They
also have immensely talented toolmakers. Bowser is a pretty small,
family operation by comparison. I suspect they don't make a great
deal of money.

P.S. Bowser's H43 open hopper (much too modern for this list) is one
of the finest hoppers on the market. It was unmatched, until a small
company came out with a beautiful CP bathtub gondola (at 2x the price)
which has since been picked up by Intermountain.

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