Re: Modeling Mediocrity - not hardly!

Tim O'Connor

Bill Lane wrote

Obviously Lee English has a different "good enough" level then some of you.

I have recently found that my "good enough" level for my personal modeling
is so high that I am not completing more then a few pieces per year. I am
still trying to fix that.

Bill, I think sometimes email sounds much harsher than people are in
person. I think maybe we should bring it down a notch when criticizing
products. It sounds like some folks were criticizing Lee personally,
which I -thought- was verboten on this list.

Lee should be allowed to pursue his business any way he chooses, and we
should be free to find fault with the models he makes. There should not
be anything personal about it!

Anyway, I agree with you. I try to do some serious models, but I hope I
don't ever take myself so seriously that I wouldn't kitbash an Athearn
flat car, for example. I want to build a layout, and there's no way I
can build 750 contest quality models, plus build and operate a layout.

There's a lot to be said for the pleasure of just building something
well, even if it's not an exact scale replica of a real life object.

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