Re: Covered Hopper Lading

Tim O'Connor

Shawn brought up a good point. Hopper cars seem to have been in some
type of captive service. Allotted to a facility to haul the commodity
they produced. All the M&StL hoppers were bought to serve the four
online cement plants. I will buy three or four Kadee M&StL hoppers. This
may take several years because Kadee only releases one number at a time
Clark, just buy Mark Vaughan's excellent M&StL covered hopper decals.
He makes 3 different sets -- V1, V2 (both pre-1956) V3 (post-1956).
Kadee probably will sell the undecs for a little less money too.

There are five snapshots: 2 ATSF, 1 EJ&E, 1 FEC, and 1 NAHX. Now, you
may ask. How did those railroad's hoppers end up in itty-bitty
Stewartville MN? Can you say fertilizer!
I can think of another name for fertilizer! :o)

Actually that area of Iowa/Minnesota seemed to attract an interesting
mix of equipment. Soph Marty's photos from Mason City certainly have
borne that out! Santa Fe interchanged directly with midwestern roads
and of course, actually served a corner of Iowa. That FEC car is a
surprise to me since I didn't think phosphates (phosphorus?) were
valuable enough to ship long distances by rail. But then Soph has
pictures of covered hoppers in Iowa, loaded with silica sand from
New Jersey!

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