Re: PS-2 roster

Tim O'Connor


I remember back when the PS-1 was released, I sent a bunch
of PS-1 photos to Kadee. Larry Edwards was pretty cautious,
telling me they had not done tooling for such-and-such doors,
or the special riveted ends, and so on.

But look how many physically different models they have done
now! -- 12 different 40 and 50 foot cars with even more doors.
They do early and late doors, and multiple door styles for
each car. And don't forgot the brake wheels!

So the answer is, Mike, the number of prototype cars is less
relevant than the number of different paint schemes they can
apply to the cars. Kadee is pretty coy about making promises
but I think if people give them good info on the early cars,
they will do a model of them.

And, of course, if I were Kadee I THINK I would do the same thing...mebbie. Consider that...from your roster in the April '95 RMJ...only 1057 non narrow hatch cars were built by mid '55. OTOH, there were 760 narrow hatch cars built prior to mid '55. Why does mid '55 matter? Because most RRs in the US had shut down steam operations by that date. Yes, there were a few areas where steam was still used...even on the SP and ATSF...but not much. Even including all of '55, only 675 more cars were built...about 1700 non narrow hatch cars for all RRs in the US. Only 266 non narrow cars were built prior to '55. I'm not so sure that the PS-2 is such a great choice. OTOH, I asked if we needed another PS-1 when Kadee announced theirs and also did we need another F whatever when Genisis announced their F. I decided to keep my big mouth shut regarding the need for another UP Challenger.

Mike Brock

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