Branchline NWX Reefer

Steve and Barb Hile

I have one of the new BLT kits and read with interest Byron's notes the
other day.

Still have a couple of questions looking for answers:

1. My kit is numbered 15356. According to RPC #4, this is a renumbered car
from series 6701-7720. RMC had a long article about NWX in December 1988.
There it implies the 15xxx series was built new with those numbers. Which
is correct? (Just being nosy.)

2. The plans in RMC (Chuck Yungurth) show the hatch covers to be
multi-board, like the roof. One detail photo seems to back that up. The
kits type A hatch covers are solid (as if steel or steel covering wood.)
Again, which way is correct?

3. I intend to model the car as it existed in 1952. What is the liklihood
that the brakes had be changed to AB's?

Thanks in advance for any assistance.

Steve Hile

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