Re: So why are we doing this?

Jeff Aley - GCD PE <jaley@...>

As we continue to talk about talking about freight cars, :-) WRT binaries,
they shouldn't be mailed out, but put in the shared files area. The
ReeferMadness list (all refrigerator cars, all the time) does this quite
effectively, though most of the images are of (yuk) mechanical reefers.
The PrototypeModelers have recently uploaded sections of video (!) that
show specific freight car door hardware. [Now *that's* multimedia at its



P.S. Has Harley unsubscribed yet? I don't think we've had an actual
freight car discussion yet...

On Dec 12, 7:32pm, Tim O'Connor wrote:
Subject: Re: [STMFC] Re: So why are we doing this?
P.P.S. How do people feel about binaries attached to messages? Sometimes
it would be just so much easier to SHOW people what you're talking about
rather than try to describe it.
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