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After you complete your NWX reefer, could you let the rest of us know how
you view the kit? If you prefer not to share your comments with on-line,
would you respond off line to me please? I'm planning to order a few of the
1940s NWX reefers as well as a Green Bay one, and would appreciate any
feedback I can get. I've read Bryon's comments and suspect they will help in
correctly building these kits or in correcting any deficiencies. However,
I'm concerned as to whether they are as hosed up as the original Cannball
shops Santa Fe reefers were. Thanks.
Larry Sexton

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I have one of the new BLT kits and read with interest Byron's notes the
other day.

Still have a couple of questions looking for answers:

1. My kit is numbered 15356. Which
is correct? (Just being nosy.)

2. The
kits type A hatch covers are solid (as if steel or steel covering wood.)
Again, which way is correct?
Steve Hile

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