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Bob has been very responsive to me, and when you realize how much stuff he has, all I can say is "Thank you Bob!"

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On 7/19/01, at 6:37 PM, Kathe Robin wrote:

As one who has been buying photos from Bob for more than ten years, I
can understand the fact that some folks wish he had an index and more
info. about each picture. However, he sure beats whoever is in 2nd
place when it comes to looking for collections which match his customers

Several times over the year he has contacted me to let me know that he
had purchased a XXX collection, since he knew that I was interested in
XXX raiload.

I get the impression that like the hobby in general not wanting to build
kits, there are many modelers who aren't willing to spend the time or
effort to do a little more digging for info.

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