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Hoot- Re: Your six dome tank cars.
Rivarossi imported some plastic models of such a car many years ago that was
made in Austria. I have built several of them for use on the La Mesa layout
as they were plentiful around the Bakersfield wineries in the 50's. I have
seen at least one color video showing several in one eastbound train, all
painted silver. The Rivarossi
models appear to be based on an ACF prototype, although I believe that the
domes are actually too high and too small in diameter. I base this on the
two photos in Newton K.Greggs' 'Train Shed Cyclopedia' Vol 12, Tank Cars
1922-1943, figs
396 & 2.720. (The page numberings are goofy in my book so I give the photo
ref). Champ used to make this decal set, but it has been discontinued. I
believe they
will re-run a few if you can meet their minimum(I'm not current on this).
These cars still show up at swap meets for prices ranging from 2 to 8 bucks
a pop. I'm still looking for a few more and one club member is working on
bashing the three & four dome cars when we get enough info. Hope that helps.

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