Re: Capacity of a 40' boxcar for grain?

Guy Wilber

Jeff wrote:

<< I am looking at oats, but would be interested if it varied for grain
type. (I would doubt it.)>>

Grain weights were based on the pounds per bushel. Different types of grain
varied in weight, but a specific grain type could vary as well. For example;
an ARA study (circa 1927) showed corn registering from 38.5 lbs/bushel to 56
lbs/bushel, wheat from 48.5 lbs/bushel to 62 lbs/bushel and oats from 32
lbs/bushel to 38.5 lbs/bushel.

During that time period several roads were stenciling the inside of box cars
with "limit" lines for each type of grain while some were using lines which
represented pounds per bushel. Neither of these methods was adopted as
"standard" by the ARA.


You are forgetting to factor in the nominal capacity of the car. The levels
of grain loaded for 40 ton or 50 ton cars varied as well as did the stenciled
limit lines applied to the two types.


Guy Wilber
Sparks, Nevada

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