Re: ERIE box car

James D Thompson <jaydeet@...>

The image posted earlier of an ERIE boxcar was most interesting.

What kind of car is this? It doesn't seem like it's an AAR 1937 type of
car. The straight side sill, lower than 10' IH (I can't quite read the
actual data), and vertical brake staff make this pretty interesting - to
say nothing of the Climax radial roof. Can anyone offer other details on
this car series? Built date, quantity, other prototypes, and if a model
is available?
Series is 76000-76499, built by AC&F in 8-9/30. They are basically the
AMC version of the ARA steel box also ordered by C&O and PM, but built
to an interior height of 9'3" with inverse Buckeye ends. No models
available unless someone did them in brass.

David Thompson

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