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No, Eric, "AMC" means

The AMC was a cooperative engineering group set up under the Van Sweringen
ownership of the Erie C&O, NKP, and PM. All four roads shared engineering
information,standards, and it's clear, when you look at a C&O T1, that it's
an outgrowth of an ERIE S-class Berkshire, for instance.


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David Thompson wrote:


Series is 76000-76499, built by AC&F in 8-9/30. They are basically the
AMC version of the ARA steel box also ordered by C&O and PM, but built
to an interior height of 9'3" with inverse Buckeye ends. No models
available unless someone did them in brass.

Thanks for the details David. I was not familiar with this type of boxcar.

BTW, does AMC mean All Metal Car?

Thanks again.

Eric Hansmann
Morgantown, W. Va.

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