"USRA" Wood Cabooses

Justin Kahn

Not the PS&N, which had their own distinctive-pattern cabooses (some of which did end up on the P&S after 1947), dating from earlier than the "USRA" plans. Somewhere I have views of three different kinds of LEF&C cabooses, including a long four-wheel bobber.
Jace Kahn
Mostly Fairbanks

The P&WV also operated these cabooses.
There is still one, in pretty much "as built" condition, lettered for the LEF&C at Clarion, PA, just off the Clarion exit of I-80. It is serving as the Clarion visitor's center and sits next to the Clarion Holiday Inn. However, I'm not sure if this car originally came from the LEF&C, P&S, PS&N or some other road. The last time I saw it, the car was in pretty good condition, with the original interior nearly intact. It was open and stocked with tourist brochures, but was unmanned.

Jim Kubanick
Morgantown, WV

There is a view of a Pittsburg and Shawmut "USRA" wood caboose in CBC for
around 1920, reprinted in the Gregg volume on cabooses.
Jace Kahn
Mostly Fairbanks
> >
> > Does anyone know how many roads owned the USRA 4
>caboose besides the B&M,GT and CV ? Armand Premo
> >
>The USRA 4 Window Caboose was steel-sheathed; the B&M never had any
>steel USRA Cabooses. They did purchase some wood-sheathed clones of a
>four window USRA buggies from the L&NE in the early 1960's, but these
>were short-lived. Another of one of McGinnis' good(?) investments.
>Tim Gilbert
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