Re: "USRA" Wood Cabooses


I do not believe the LEF&C caboose 8 was ex- P&S. Comparison shows that the P&
S cabooses all had Andrews trucks and radial handrails with a tight radius
and a straight upper end, whereas the LEF&C cabooses had a different type of
truck and a radial handrail that was a true quarter-circle of a larger radius.

Like many shortlines, LEF&C had a variety of cabooses. Numbers 592 and 5 were
four-wheelers with bay windows, apparently built by the same company but
distinctly different; on 592 the windows were much closer to the roof.

Numbers 6 & 7 were ex-PRR class ND four-wheelers.

Numbers 8 and 9 were the AC&F design.

Number 10 was another manufacturer's wooden 8-wheeled design; forget which
one, but it was similar to some PC&Y cabooses, with two windows close together
in the middle and the cupola near one end; the cupola interrupted the fascia.

Numbers 11 & 12 were steel ex- LV "northeastern" cabooses, a design that
ultimately traced back to the AC&F caboose via the Reading.

John C. La Rue, Jr.

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