Re: B&LE box car

Tim O'Connor

Clark, when do you think M&StL bought these cars? The B&LE lists just
over 100 single sheathed cars under 10' inside height in the 1940 ORER,
and no single sheathed cars at all in 1950.

I'm very curious what the B&LE's 10'0"IH single sheathed box cars looked
like, and where they went to. Could they have been 1937 AAR spec cars
that were lost to history, or got rebuilt into steel sheathed cars?

So Ted, could the BL&E have had these cars too. I don't think the M&StL would
have used a CNW car. If it's a BL&E car the model would be easy with the
Sunshine kit.
Thanks a lot,

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