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You might also check the larger libraries. The RPI library has the reprints
of the entire 1879 (or so, I'm not sure of the date), 1880's, and 1906.
They also have in their archives an original 1916.
In buying for an original Cyc, you are paying for the collector's value
of an antique and also a whole lot of pages of not so useful stuff to most
modelers. And the Gregg reprints certainly are easier to lug around, spill
coffee on, etc.
This must have been mentioned, but a subscription to Railmodel Journal
would be one of the top "must-haves".
- John Nehrich

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Richard Hendrickson wrote

However, I must respectfully disagree with Byron about the value
of Train Shed Cyclopedias and ORERs ...
I concur with Richard, and would say that the TSC's are also a good
way to find out if you'd actually be interested in a Cyclopedia w/o
having to take out a second mortgage. And I love my ORER's and use
them very frequently. My Westerfield CD-ROM 1959 ORER is especially

Timothy O'Connor <timoconnor@...>
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