Re: Evaluating Models...

Andy Carlson

I have a BLI E7
and have had a few problems with it, only one which
I would consider
significant, but overall it's a very nice engine.
Since I am responding to Mike's statement on the BLI
E7A, I feel safe in discussing a Passenger engine on
this list.

I am amazed about the "glowing" reception the BLI E7
has received from modelers I know. I haven't heard of
any criticisms, except for sound quality-most people
seem to like this E7.

I feel that the nose contour is only slightly improved
over the LL E7, the car-body battens and rectangular
portholes are no improvement at all over the grossly
oversized LL ones. The truck sideframes are so
simplified, I am reminded of the early Athearn die
cast blombergs-crude.

Yet they are selling well, I hear, and now we will
probably have to wait a decade to get a nice E7. I am
amazed that I am hearing no coomplaints.
-Andy Carlson

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