Jim Scott

I haven't eyballed these cars in a couple of years but
if my memory serves me right, they had Nay reporting
marks. They were silver (aluminum colored) with black
reporting marks.

Jim Scott
Lompoc, CA.
--- thompson@... wrote:
Jerru Michels said:
This is really interesting to me. Do you know
where they are coming from?
Do they still bear MHAX reporting marks? The
Amarillo and Excel plants have
been shut down for nearly two years. I wonder who
is still loading helium
these cars? I was under the impression that the
government was out of the
helium business.
Whether or not the government is in the helium
business, the demand for
it continues everywhere in the U.S., mostly for
welding gasses. Whether it
is transported today by rail or highway, I don't
know, but if there is rail
shipment, it seems reasonable that a non-government
supplier might be using
the old cars (built for the Navy originally, IIRC).

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