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Charlie Vik's remarks on Model Eisenbahn's objective model reviews, and likens them to Higgins' reviews that were in the NMRA Bulletin for years.

Although I do not read a word of German, I have read enough English translations of these Model Eisenbahn reviews to recognize clearly that the Eisenbahn reviews are pretty thorough, and give the reader/modeler a LOT of useful information to sift through. Our modeling magazines could do worse than take note.

However, just like the dry-as-dust Higgins NMRA reviews of yore, one can also weary somewhat of this pure unvarnished "engineering" approach, and fervently wish for at least some leavening by the "arts and humanities" side of the coin- i.e. some thoughtful and introspective (but informed) opinion.

BTW, some of the reviewers from this list should receive kudos. Doug Harding's reviews in the RMC are always very readable, and they are thorough and instructive- and make one want to directly purchase and build just what he has reviewed- even though one may have no idea whatsoever how he or she is going to possibly use it!

Bill Darnaby's great review (for this list only) of the Sunshine Vinegar car kit from this past July was a masterpiece of such writing.

These writers' reviews gain instant credence because both know how to give the reader confidence that experienced and skillful railroad modelers are speaking to them.


Denny S. Anspach, MD
Sacramento, CA

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