E7s & Big Boys pulling frt cars

mike brock <brockm@...>

Steve Orth...apparently squirming a bit...responds to my:

Fortunately, I've read reviews on the E7 from those that DO have
credibility with me...Steve Orth...and I think I'll acquire one.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaack........... I'm not responsible for un-met expectations!!!"

Don't worry, Steve. I never actually buy anything on a recommendation. I might, however, "think" about acquiring one given your analysis and I'm gonna look closer this week. Each of us probably has our own hot buttons regarding models. One of mine with regard to locomotives pulling frt cars [ trickiness there ] is smooth low speed running. The Trix Big Boy could pull frt cars at about the best low speed of any engine I've seen. Regretfully, another hot button of mine is "reasonably" correct sized drivers on engines pulling frt cars so I opted not to purchase one. The fact that I have 6 brass Big Boys pulling frt cars had nothing to do with it <g>.

Mike Brock

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