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Good afternoon group,

What markings were required on cabeese?

I have been involved in several caboose restorations at the Illinois
Railway Museum and as previous replies said, the owning and operating
railroad decided what was to be applied. But it was not so random as
one answer indicated. Each company prepared and issued painting and
lettering guidelines and the shop forces were expected to comply with
that drawing.

In a generic sense, in addition to the classic side view name,
(herald?), and number, very often the data included the date built,
perhaps the shop if it was homebuilt, weight, and pack or repack data
depending on if it was new or a later service date. Lubricator info
was common and air test data depending on era, as might be stenciled
on the air tanks, underbody, use of the IDT format, or more modern
consolidated stencils for COTS, etc. The step wells, treads could
have had safety warnings (Watch Your Step), and the ends of the car
usually had a small number over the end door, sometimes date and shop
when last painted (CNW was big on this feature), and other appropriate
notes such as "Oil fill (for stove heat) No 1 oil only" or other
warnings and slogans like the Illinois Central "Always Be Careful"

If you are trying to model a specific caboose or prototype railroad I
am sure you will get the often proferred advice to check on pictures
of your specific car or class of cars. But the research is not always
so easy - good luck in your quest. The good part is that you are
asking the right questions so you are more than half way to the finish

bob Kutella

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