Colorado Midland Hanrahan Reefer

montydogsdad2 <artgriffindecals@...>

Hello Group,

Does anyone out there have a real photo of the Colorado Midland
Hanrahan reefer #1201 shown in White's "Great Yellow Fleet" pg.51?
Enlarging the lettering of this photo leaves it uncertain as to the
spacing between the main letters and the shading. Does the spacing
(which might be white)encircle completely the main letters?

I know it's a Smithsonian photo, but trying to purchase their photos,
is to say the least,fruitless at times. They are either misfiled,or
missing in action in some way or another. I do have photo #1206 in
the same series a (3/4 view,) but it also renders itself useless.

I wasn't going to do this decal, because it has been done a few times
in the past.But ,from some CM fans, noticing the spacing, mentioned
the other decals were wrong.

Anyway, thanx in advance.

Art Griffin

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