Re: White wash or not to white wash...

bill schneider <branch@...>

Here go I gingerly into this minefield....

As a manufacturer, if somebody produced a resin part to MODIFY one of my
kits (such as Martin did this year) I would have no problem with it,
although I would like to have the person ask permission first (Martin did
have my blessing such as it is). The assumption here of course is that you
will BUY a kit to do the conversion work on. However, using the tool and die
work that I paid (dearly) for as a master for a kit you plan to produce and
sell to compete with my product would be a different matter all together.

The definition of what constitutes "a model of car X" may vary from one
person to the other. Some have taken us to task for not including Miner
brake wheels on a certain road's boxcar for example. Does this mean that we
"receiv(ed) full payment for something (we) didn't deliver"? If you don't
like something we do, vote with your checkbook - don't buy the kit. If you
think you can do better, have at it. Just don't use my product as your

I will now duck behind my monitor and await the incoming flak....

Bill Schneider

On Monday, November 10, 2003, at 09:52 PM, Eric wrote:

Marty McGuirk wrote:

"As someone (one of the few on this list, from what I can tell) who
has been on all three sides of the reader/magazine staff/manufacturer-
advertiser fence I could easily share some stories and a few facts on
this topic. And I was fully prepared to until someone -- at the end
of diatribe about ethics and honesty in reviews -- actually had the
gall to suggest that someone should make cast resin copies of the car
sides in question and sell them."

I wrote the post you're referring to. I meant in tongue in cheek. But
for arguments sake let's suppose I didn't.

Why should I have to pay for the part of the model that I can't use?

How about I offer resin sides using the car sides as a master to
anyone who wants to kitbash a model of it and send Trix a royalty
payment for the part of their kit I'm using. Say $5.00 for each pair
of car sides I make and sell.

If the maker is unethical enough to not to provide what he was
advertising, a model of car X, then why should he profit from
anything more than the part of it which he did actually provide?

How is receiving full payment for something you didn't deliver in any
way ethical? Why shouldn't you be paid only for what you actually did




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