Re: White wash or not to white wash...

Larry Smith

In addition to the Miltary Models, its also heading that way into the RC
models. Seems as though there are a lot of people who now go into the
hobby shop and want a plane that all you have to do is take it out and
fly it. Have the people in this country been brainwashed into thinking
we have no time to be creative any more or has the company town tunded
into the company country where pur lives are controlled 24/7 by the
places we work. Just curious

Larry Smith

tgregmrtn@... wrote:

Charlie Vlk writes...

RTR has hit Military Modelers as well.... Tamaiya (sp??) just released two
tanks that are built up and decorated with improvements such as metal tracks
at $300 a copy!!
Charlie Vlk


I would hardly consider this a modeler... The Military guys are going to be
introduced to a new trend ... collectors... I do believe these models are
actually more for the RC guys as these toys have RC in them. I am sure the guys
at the IPMS meets will have quite a time with them if they show up at an IPMS
meet because on criteria for entering the meet is that you have to have modeled
the item... No Die cast cars or planes welcome! To some Modelers still have
to model...

Greg Martin

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