Re: SP A-50-12 Photos Needed

Tim O'Connor

I called Intermountain a couple of years ago, and ordered
a bunch of the ASF truck sprues for 75 cents each. I agree
with Andy they build up into good looking trucks. I don't
know if IM still sells sprues for 75 cents but it doesn't
hurt to try.

the Intermountain ATSF Reefer had what I believe to be
a very good ASF self aligning truck. The truck is of a
3 piece design (sides and snap-in bolster), and later,
IM retooled this truck to be a one piece design, but I
feel that they did not do as nice a job in the
engraving. Contact me off-list if you want some of the
first run trucks, for I have quite a few.
-Andy Carlson

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