Removing old scotch tape


The following is from a friend of Ted Gleichmann's who asked 3M about
old Scotch tape from the surface of a builder's photograph and paper spec
card without damaging the artifact. The sticky tape was about 15 years old
and was yellowed and almost completely dry. We've all picked up photos like
this at swap meets.


>> Good news! I spoke to the 3M help center and others in the document
preservation business. All suggested some type of gentle heat to soften
the adhesive, which would allow the tape to be removed. I used a hair
dryer to warm the tape and was able to remove the typed sheet from the spec
card. (That was the easy one.) I warmed the tape on the back of the loco
photo, then let it sit for a few hours, I was afraid I would damage it.
Later, I tried to gently peal the tape off the face of the spec sheet, it
was very slow going but it did come off without damage or lifting of the
printing on the spec card, leaving no adhesive residue. It worked well,
but patience was the key. <<

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