Re: Accurate Models and Paint Schemes

Roger Miener <Roger.Miener@...>

Tony Thompson, - after indenting two spaces (wonder why that
happened?) - and ever the wit, says ...

I move that we also institute an award for the first response to
annual suggestion of a rating system.
For accurate models and paint schemes? Nah, too complicated all the
way around.

However, when it comes to books? Hmmm, now there's a thought.

I say that any book with "Southern Pacific" in the title automatically
loses ten points. Well, that is, it loses ten points unless the book
is authored or co-authored by a guy named John R. Signor. In this
latter case the book instead automatically *gains* ten points. Ever
see John Signor's maps? They are soooo cool.

By way of contrast, "Audi" (TT) Tony Thompson couldn't draw a map to
save his soul. No sir! Maps are art -- Metallurgy is, well, ... it's
engineering and science ... that sort of stuff -- Not art.

Latest examples of all of this include the title, "Southern Pacific's
Coast Line Pictorial", co-authored by "Audi" (TT) Tony Thompson and
John R. Signor; and then there also are the titles, "Southern
Pacific's Coast Line" and "Southern Pacific's Shasta Division," both
authored by John R. Signor, himself, alone, ("Audi" (TT) Thompson is
nowhere in sight on these books as an author, just John.) all of which
books are published by guess who - yep, Signature Press - and
information about all of which can be obtained at . They - the books - are all in print
in time to show up under your Christmas tree in 2003. Humph, despite
the fact that he is an engineer, that "Audi" (TT) Tony Thompson guy
turns out to be one shrewd dude, don't he?

Oh yeah, then there is also the title "Tank Cars: American Car &
Foundry, 1865-1955" by Edward S. Kaminski. "Audi" didn't co-author
any part of this one either. Good book though. I picked up my copy
today. Glad to have it.

Cheerfully yours,
Roger Miener
at Tacoma WA

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