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Tim O'Connor <timoconnor@...>

In the interest of making the STMFC more useful, I will compile a simple
document containing links to internet railroad book dealers, and will keep
it reasonably up to date, and the document will be maintained in the files
area of STMFC. I will start with Jeff's list and a few dozen (!) that I have
found myself over the past few years...

This is one of the features about egroups that I really like. For example a
member of the steamloco group compiled a list of prototypes for HO
scale non-brass steam locomotive models. That type of thing has real
value, IMO.

If people wanted to use STMFC to preview articles, or just "publish" in
the files area, I think that would be great! We could use STMFC for
serious sharing and collaboration, whereas FCL is for general "probing"
for information and modeling chat.

P.S. As Jeff notes, there is a difference between booksellers and "index"
(or "portal") web sites. I will keep them separate in the list.

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While we're still off topic, you may also find
to be helpful. Note that neither Advanced Book Exchange (ABE) nor
Bibliofind are actual booksellers. Instead they contain listings from
many smaller book dealers. As a result, each web site might find the same

Other search sites:

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