Re: Train Shed Cyclopedias


On Wed, 10 Jan 2001 22:27:49 -0500 "Tim O'Connor"
<timoconnor@...> writes:
Richard Hendrickson wrote

However, I must respectfully disagree with Byron about the value
of Train Shed Cyclopedias and ORERs ...
I concur with Richard, and would say that the TSC's are also a good
way to find out if you'd actually be interested in a Cyclopedia w/o
having to take out a second mortgage. And I love my ORER's and use
them very frequently. My Westerfield CD-ROM 1959 ORER is especially
Richard and Tim,

I never said that the Cycs, Train Shed or otherwise, and the ORERs were
not helpful. I only said that I felt that getting into them at too early
a learning stage could dislocate his interest and complicate his learning
curve. If he is in fact not early in the curve, then there should be no

But I do know that the Cyc drawings can be very intimidating to someone
who is not familiar or knowledgeable with freight car construction.
Check my comment about good people making bad drawings. It has happened
and will continue to happen. What hope has a neophyte to interpret these
drawings (and pages of data) without that necessary grounding in freight
car construction, purpose and operation.

If Warren has all that and is comfortable with it, then I say go for the
yellow (old pages, of course!).

So we all agree after all!

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