Belt Railway of Chicago Boxcars

Andy Cich <ajc5150@...>

I recently purchased a photo of BRC 865. The photo is undated, but the
reweigh date is either 3/53 or 3/63. The car is also stenciled with
instructions for sand service. Despite the smudge on the 5 or 6, the
reweigh date is the freshest stencil on the car.

The interesting thing is this car looks like a PRR X31. Does anybody know
anything about BRC boxcars? Could this car have been built for the BRC? Or
was it acquired from the PRR or one of the other roads with round roof cars?
Any chance the BRC had this car in 1953, which would fit my time period?

Finally, does anybody have photo or other evidence of other types of BRC
boxcars in the 50's?


Andy Cich

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