Re: Mather reefer AB brake

Rob Adams


I needed to answer the same question some time back when converting a
Red Caboose Rath Mather car. I consulted available photos and used a
Proto 2000 Mather stock car as an aid to guide my placement of
components (using the logic that they would incorporate similar
practices). I used brake parts left over from a Proto 2000 tank car
that I had converted to KC brakes and made brackets out of styrene for
mounting the parts. I can supply digital pics if they would help.

Best regards, Rob Adams

Joe Binish wrote:

Hey all,
So I am in the process of AB braking my two RC Mather reefers. Can I
assume(I know) that the layout of the components is fairly typical? Does
anyone have any info that would tell/show how they were set up?
Joe Binish

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