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Finally my question. Do the one-piece resin castings use a different mold
release that has more aggressive cleaning requirements?


I don't know if Westerfield or Sunshine uses a different mold release for the
one piece versus the basic flat kit. What I have noticed though is that the
degree of release residue varies from kit to kit rather than the type of kit.
So, it seem sot be more of a variance of the person running the castings that
particular batch.

Since kit I had one that was so bad that the parts wouldn't bond with ACC, I
started to prewash the resin parts prior to deflashing and assembly. this
particular kit was actually "greasy" feeling. I use ordinary liquid dishwashing
soap, warm water, and wash them in a large Pyrex roasting pan and us an old
tooth brush to get into the crevices. Seems to have solved any poor bonding and
paint adherence problems.

Tom C

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