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Funny that you guys are talking about this right now. Frank Hodina just
sent me the text of a few interchange sheets, between the IC and NKP in
Paxton, Illinois. They include two banana car movements:

5/12/55: IC 50419 Bananas from New Orleans to Bloomington, IL
5/12/55: ART 53026 Bananas from New Orleans to Lafayette, IN

Apparently, the interchange reports for Paxton and other IC locations are
sitting around in boxes at the ICHS' headquarters in Paxton. I'm heading
down there in January with a few guys to dig through the "files" and try to
get them organized. (and to see what cars were getting exchanged circa

Ray Breyer

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I wonder if anyone has attempted to plot banana train
movements as far as who covered what territory, and if
there was any kind of overlap in service. IC obviously
got the lions share of business coming up from the Gulf,
and without the PFE book in front of me I'll guess that
SP-UP-CNW got the bulk of United Fruit's traffic out of
San Francisco going East. It would be kind of interesting
to find out if IC banana reefers interchanged onto the
western railroads and vice-versa. Or did everybody stay
in their respective service territories?

Shawn Beckert

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