IC Interchange Reports

Shawn Beckert

Ray Breyer wrote:

Apparently, the interchange reports for Paxton and
other locations are sitting around in boxes at the
ICHS' headquarters in Paxton. I'm heading down there
in January with a few guys to dig through the "files"
and try to get them organized. (and to see what cars
were getting exchanged circa 1950).

When you're at Paxton in January, could you please check
to see if there are any interchange reports for the IC
at St. Louis? As I recall from an old Terminal Rail Road
Association map, the Illinois Central and Cotton Belt
yards sat right next to each other across the river in East
St. Louis. I'd be very interested to know how much interchange
went on between these two, though I know that TRRA switchers
did all the physical movement of cars around the St. Louis area.

Shawn Beckert

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