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Bannanas were all imported, virtually all in 9 states (ICC rail loading
data, 1950):

LA 306k tons 30.0%
AL 173k tons 16.9%
NY 170k tons 16.7%
NJ 124k tons 12.1%
MD 94k tons 9.2%
WA 49k tons 4.1%
CA 39k tons 3.8%
SC 34k tons 3.3%
PA 31k tons 3.0%

On the consumption side, 70% of all rail shipped bannanas went here:

IL 101k tons 11.3%
OH 88k tons 9.9%
NY 82k tons 9.2%
MI 67k tons 7.5%
PA 62k tons 6.9%
CA 54k tons 6.0%
TX 38k tons 4.2%
MN 34k tons 3.7%
WI 33k tons 3.6%
NJ 32k tons 3.6%
IN 29k tons 3.2%
IA 25k tons 2.7%

Of interest is only 80 tons of bannanas came out of Illinois by rail, which
came as a surprise as I figured there would be a lot of reshipping. If you
assume those bananas stayed put, the Illinois had a percapita consumption of
23 lbs, almost double the national figure.

Washington and Oregon received ~30k tons of fruit so either trucks
distributed the other 19k tons that were imported into the northwest or they
went elsewhere by rail. Moving south, California received 15k tons more
than their ports shipped by rail. Perhaps that's where a lot of the
Washington Bananas went.

On the east coast, New York and New Jersey shipped far more than they
received so clearly they exported tonnage, tho how much is impossible to
tell given there is no data for local consumption.

When I look at rail receipts as lbs per capita it shows very low numbers
across the south, suggesting that rail wasn't the preferred method of
delivery and/or lower consumption patterns. On this high end, it's
Illinois, Minnesota, Oregon, Ohio, Michigan -- all at least 60% higher than
the national average. Right after them is ND, WI, IA, NE; Sounds like the
major markets and distribution route was up the Mississippi River valley
into the upper midwest.

All the rest is open to speculation.

Dave Nelson

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I wonder if anyone has attempted to plot banana train
movements as far as who covered what territory, and if
there was any kind of overlap in service. IC obviously
got the lions share of business coming up from the Gulf,
and without the PFE book in front of me I'll guess that
SP-UP-CNW got the bulk of United Fruit's traffic out of
San Francisco going East. It would be kind of interesting
to find out if IC banana reefers interchanged onto the
western railroads and vice-versa. Or did everybody stay
in their respective service territories?

Shawn Beckert

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