Re: Banana Train Movements - East vs West

Steven Delibert <STEVDEL@...>

On an NYC list, there was recently a discussion of the "banana house" at
Weehwaken, where ships were unloaded to a warehouse for movement to railroad
cars, which made up fairly hot "banana trains" up the West Shore to inland
NYC destinations, at least into the early 1960's. I would guess -- but
don't know -- that they would have back-loaded MDT reefers that came
downstate with NY State produce for the city.
That part of the business disappeared when the Hudson River and the Port
of Albany were set up (at your expense) to allow ocean-going ships to get to
Albany - the discussion didn't get to whether NYC took bananas west from
Albany after that, or whether it all went to trucks, but that was after our
Steve Delibert

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