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Jeff Lodge <cvfanbratt@...>

I don't know how long they have been there (or if they are still there for that matter...) But, Chiquita had/has a large pier and facility in Gulfport, MS for the special banana ships. I've been told the bananas were put into huge water tanks in the ships at something like 38 degrees F.

Like to see if anyone else has details. Especially the travel routes through the Northeast and into Eastern Canada. I am thinking hotshot rails had to beat trying to get a ship to an East Coast port.

Jeff Lodge
Freezing in Vermont

Brian Chapman <cornbeltroute@...> wrote:
I've uploaded an Iowa Division (1960) track profile that includes
East Dubuque: Photos folder, Banana.

Perhaps a former IC hand or someone else might be able to identify
the banana track. I'm at work on an N scale layout (set in 1966) that
includes the East Dubuque-Galena Jct. double-track run, so this track
I.D. would be a big help.

I grew up in Waterloo. Though as a young boy the CGW was my main rail
squeeze, often I watched the IC hotshots from the vantage point of
the CGW bridge that spanned the east end of the IC division-point

Did bananas make it as far west on the Iowa Division as Waterloo, or
were most interchanged at East Dubuque?

Also, as a kid I heard talk about bananas coming north on the IC from
Florida points. The chat here seems to focus on banana movements from
New Orleans north. Might someone provide illumination concerning
this? Perhaps Florida ports were steamship terminals for banana

Thanks much,

Brian Chapman
Cedar Rapids, Iowa

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