Re: Banana Train Movements - up the middle

Allen Rueter <allen@...>

On Thu, Dec 04, 2003 at 02:52:54PM -0800, Dave Nelson wrote:
Bannanas were all imported, virtually all in 9 states (ICC rail loading
data, 1950):

LA 306k tons 30.0%

On the consumption side, 70% of all rail shipped bannanas went here:

IL 101k tons 11.3%

Of interest is only 80 tons of bannanas came out of Illinois by rail, which
came as a surprise as I figured there would be a lot of reshipping. If you
assume those bananas stayed put, the Illinois had a percapita consumption of
23 lbs, almost double the national figure.
I would think, StLouis/MO bound bannanas would unloaded in East StLouis,
but still thats alot of bannanas.

Would the Frisco, be handling bannanas to Kansas City, out of Mobil?

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